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    Notes on the American, Irish and French Revolutions. ronan.cloney

    Does anyone have good notes on the three above? E.g Causes & Results :) Thanks!

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      American War of Independence-Causes of the War

      Britain wanted to tax the colonists for the 7 years war with France and Indians.

      Taxes-The Navigation Acts (American exports had to go to Britain and on British ships at a price decided by the British)

      The Quartering Acts (Americans pay Britain for up keep of soldiers)

      The Stamp Act (Legal documents)

      The Townshend Act (Taxes on everyday items)

      Men like Jefferson,Washington and Adams began to question English control of America.Thomas Paine wrote books encouraging rebellion of the colonists.

      The Boston Massacre (5 demonstraters shot by British soldiers)

      British killed 8 in Lexington on their way to get arms in Concorde. Paul Revere had warned the Americans and they ambushed and shot 273 British soldiers.

      Results of the War

      Washington became president and the United States of America was founded.

      State government and Federal government=No monarchy in America

      Revolution influenced other countries (France,Ireland) who developed similar anti Monarchy/anti taxes view and wanted democracy and fairer representation.

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