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    OL or HL? SryanBruen

    In my past tests, I have been getting exceptionally high results but I found out myself that this was because they were OL questions. I got 49% on a HL test this Xmas and I have been trying some past HL questions myself and I find it exceptionally hard. This is largely caused by the fact that I have no interest in History whatsoever and out of any of my jobs' that I would like to choose from, none of them require History for LC. Would it be any harm in choosing OL instead of HL?

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      Try absolutely everything you're unsure about at HL for the Mocks. See how it goes. Focus on a maybe 8 or 10 essays (if you think you need less, you do as you feel best) and a good few 2nd and 3rd year chapters in detail. Don't be afraid to ask your teacher for help as they should!

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      Definitely HL the junior cert isn't the end of the world, so if you don't do well you'll be fine. Try stick to HL everything don't close any doors on yourself!

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      Stevo 123

      Try and do HL but if you don't do well/fail your mocks then do ordinary level for the main exam

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      Sorry guys I don't feel like taking a risk.... I don't want to get my first ever fail (I never failed any test before)

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      Choose ordinary level higher level is very hard. And if that's your mark 49% in higher level it could be worse in the actual junior cert. See after the mocks cause it depicts your grade. I went up a grade for each subject for the junior cert but then again.

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      Do higher for mocks and if it doesn't go well drop. Higher history is very hard when you're also doing all of the other subjects on higher. A fail mightn't be ideal but it's only the mocks. Worse if it was the jc. Hope this helps

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      I'm doin' higher everything except English at the movement Cantstudyformylife. The only reason I do ordinary English is because I have a difficulty with English due to a diagnosis I have.

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      Make sure to prepare for Q6. Social Change is the shortest of the Q6 questions so that might be a good choice for the mocks

      In the Documents question, there's 11/15 easy marks available simply by taking info straight from the documents, and in Q5, you can get more easy marks from the sources

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