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    people in histories Dylan

    do any people in historys always come up ?

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      Look through the past papers and see do you notice the same ones coming up all the time.

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      thanks :)

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      Look at the ones that came up in 2012, they probably won't come up this year :)

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      a good investment is less stress more success or shortcuts to success they have wonderful essays that are concise and in a test i basically reguritated everything back onto paper and got 19/20 probably because my teacher is a hard marker but i thought that was brill

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      The main ones that come up are:explorations,A sculptor,a painter,a knight, a monk or an archeologist. That's six thing to learn but I would focus on section six cause it has the most marks.and I recommend to do mind maps for people in history cause it's easy to remember then

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      here is some useful notes hope they help

      attachment a jew in atzi germany.docx

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      Look at all the past History exam papers that you can, make a list of all the people in history questions that come up, and learn all of them. Might seem like a pain, but you'll have plenty of time to learn them for the Junior Cert. Might be harder for the mocks

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