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    People in Histories 2015 milag

    Anyone know what might come up in the people in histories?

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      archaeologist, serf on medieval manor, artist outside Italy, leader in Irish struggle for independence. obviously these are in no way certain to come up but these are the ones ive been looking over. would definitely be worth going over more though like revolutionary leader and things like people in the Cuban missile crisis or Korean war.

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      a reformer

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      A named reformer and explorer.

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      I'm learning of, a renaissance painter inside and outside Italy, a monk in an early Christian monastery, a factory worker, farm labourer in the revolution, and Lord and lady of castle

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      Definitely a revolutionary leader.I'm guessing an artist outside/inside italy(learn both)

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      Thanks Guys!! Best of luck in we're exams!!! :))

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      100% Columbus is coming up he comes up every 2 years

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      Archeologist is likely to come up but Columbus might not as explorations are likely to be this years Q5

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      I learned of refomer,explorer,arghlogist,Michael Collins,revolutionary leader,painter inside Italy

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