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    People in History Essays hamzamughees

    Hey guys...

    People in History is a verry hard portion to study in History. But, I have managed to summarize everything and have written short essays about each person that could be written in an exam. These are my words and I allow anyone to write the exact essay in an exam. Here are only some of the people i have written about. I will attach more people as i write more essays.

    attachment A lord of a medieval castle.docx attachment A monk in Early Christian Ireland.docx attachment A worker in a textile factory.docx attachment George Washington.docx attachment Leonardo da Vinci.docx

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      If you have some essays that you have written and would like to share, feel free to. If you have caught any mistakes I have made, feel free to tell me.

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      These essays are great thanks :)

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      Thank you Hannahm99

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      These are amazing thank you so much!

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      Thank you and your welcome.

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      Well done really good

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      Life saver, thank you!

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      No problem

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      Life saver:D

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      Michelle Uwakk

      thankyou so much

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      Thank guys my pleasure🖒🖒

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      Hey, do you have one for an archaeologist at work?

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      helping me in my summer exams thanks

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      My pleasure Martin_8088... and kagalwala I have not got the time to do anymore after these. I am sorry for that but I don't really have the time. I hope u understand.

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      hy can u please do an essay on Michael Collins


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      Hi sabeen

      Unfortunately I am extremely caught up in 6th year right now... i will try my best to write one up however it is highly unlikely, sorry.

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      hy its okay .You take your time theirs no rush

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      Thanks, these are awesome!

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      I showed my brother these and it really helped him, thanks!

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      Thank u very much... glad I can help.

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      these are really good thank you really clear and easy to understadn good luck ni the Lc!! :)

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      Thank u so much Jean... it is my pleasure to be able to help u in any way. Good luck to u too in ur exams.

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      Can u please do a essay on jfk

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      Hi Ivanna2308

      Unfortunately, as I have already mentioned in the above messages, I am extremely caught up in 6th year and am also doing my mocks at the moment. I am sorry but i am not in the condition to write any essays at the moment... hope u understand.

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      Thnx a lot!

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      Thnx a lot!

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      No problem shanz_M28

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      Some of those history essays are from my history book but they are great help anyway.

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      Lol, I wrote them around 2.5 years ago, i got ideas from my junior cert history book. They were originally supposed to be for my own study.

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      Mac Aodhbhui


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      no problem

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      this is my archeologist at work people in history incase anybody needs it

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      There is no link haha

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      oh oops /Users/queenofeverything/Downloads/archeologist at work .pages

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      It doesn't work lol

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      my computer wouldn't let me attach the link haha so I just copy and pasted it

      "Archeologist at Work

      I am an archaeologist. I discover and examine artefacts to found out more about the past. Archaeology is the study of ancient things. I found discovery many things including; cups, jewellery, remains of houses, weapons, coins, and even piles of rubbish and human excrement. These items have gotten in the ground through people in the past losing them, and they may have hidden them, the items may be buried alongside bodies.

      I find burial sites many different ways. Sometimes we find it through pure luck. this is how the Ardagh chalice was found. We also use geophysics by using metal detectors and electronic probes. Aeroplanes and helicopters are also used to locate sites from above.

      When we find a location we want to dig out through one of the methods above we start to excavate. First we protect the site from bad weather or from people destroying the site. after we remove the top layer of soil with pickaxes we begin to work. Once we find a possible artefact, that we used trowel to get to, we use a sieve to make sure none of the artefact is thrown away. We use drawing frames to record the position of an artefact. Pictures are also taken so we don't forget where an item was located. The artefacts are then catalogued in a site book or computer and the the item are numbered and sent to library. finally the artefacts are then brought to a museum.

      The artefacts are dated with stratigraphy, carbon dating, dendrochronology, and using bones. Stratigraphy dates artefacts by the other objects at the same level in the ground. carbon dating is also used. Every living thing contains carbon 14 while it is alive. When it dies is slowly releases carbon 14. An item with less carbon 14 is older. Dendrochronology is used to date wooden objects. Every year a tree adds a layer of wood to its tanks and branches. The bones of skeletons are also used to date objects. They reconstruct them and also use DNA to find out more information."

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      add tj_murphy98 he saw the exam

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      Thanks m8.

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      bird is the word

      none of them will load for me :-(

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      do you know whats coming up?

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      Are these higher level essays ??

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      As far as I remember... i used some of these essays and got good grades in higher level.

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      thanks so much so helpful!!

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      My pleasure

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      Thank you!

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      No problem

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