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    People in history helped needed kinchino123

    How many would you say in need to know i already have about 8 learned off is that enough ?

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      you should see which ones came up last year(renaissance writer, leader of a revolution, archaeoligist,settler during a plantation and a leader in the fight for irish independance) and rule these out. the same p.i.h. have never come up two years in a row. As far as I can tell the p.i.h. show no pattern other than that. However, it seems quite likely that the following will come up, however it is not guaranteed. you should know 9-12 p.i.h if you want to be safe.

      ~an artist OUTSIDE italy during the renaissance(rembrandt,durer)

      ~an irish political leader(john.a.costello)

      ~a religious reformer(martin luther, john knox/calvin)

      ~a lord/lady

      ~a leader of a voyage(colombus)

      other likely ones to come up/important ones include:

      ~a roman

      ~early christian monk

      ~soldier on d-day/german soldier on operation barbarossa

      ~factory/mine owner during industrial revolution



      ~irish person during the emergency

      If you pick around 10 to learn you should be fine

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      Thanks a lot ! that will be helpful.

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