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    Person in History help FionaFW

    In the person in history question

    are you writing as if you are the person "I am a monk..."

    Or in the third person "A monk.."

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      I think it can b ither or My teacher always gets us to do it as if we were the person we're writing about.

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      Better to be the monk easier to write about plus it's easy to mix tenses up when speaking in third (in my opinion)

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      In some of the essays you should write first person, for example a monk in early christian Ireland. but if you were talking about a named person, for example Christopher Columbus or Martin Luther, then you should talk in third person.

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      in higher level it has to be third person

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      not necessarily ^ it ddepends on the question

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      Either but if you're saying I don't dwell on you. Like don't name yourself or the amount of kids you have and where you liv eetc

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