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    PIH Q Galbraith

    do u need to know a seperate PIH for Transport Rev, and Agricultural Rev, and Industrial Rev?????

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      Exam on WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!

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      There isn't a people in history question on the transport revolution as far as I know (well in my book at least and the less stres more success book).

      I've seen a question during the agricultural revolution on a farm labourer come up before in the people in history past exam papers but you don't always have to do it. If there isn't much about a farm labourer in the agricultural revolution in your book, I can't see your teacher putting it on your test.

      You definitely need to know the people in history from the industrial revolution (I'm only saying that because there isn't a people of history for transport and you mightn't have to learn the one for the ag revolution). Generally from what I've seen in the exam papers - you have to write about someone who works in either a factory OR a mine. Or talk about someone who owns either of them. If the person who owns it isn't in your book, your teacher won't put it on it so just learn either the miner or the factory worker.

      Hope this helps :)

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      There is a people in history on the transport revolution to but the industrial one is more important so learn it

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