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Benmartin Junior Cert History — 09/06/16 9

Anyone know the predictions/

mvalentine — 05/06/16
Question 4 for people in history: A serf on a medieval manor. A monk in an early Christian monastery. A person living in Celtic/ Ancient Ireland. Question 6 A: The renaissance Middle ages.
Benmartin — 05/06/16
Leanne 15 — 05/06/16
thanks that is brilliant do u have any predictions on HL geography :)
a.kelly123 — 06/06/16
my teacher said there would probably be a question on migration with the refugee crisis
EllaMac1 — 06/06/16
q.4 columbus martin luther michael collins plantations monk factory worker albrecht durer q.5 famine industrial reveloution q.6 A 1st year
Leanne 15 — 09/06/16
emmawarhurst — 09/06/16
The 2012 people in history was almost the same as 2015, so I think that the 2013 people in history's will come up this year. My teacher predicted something about Irish history but that comes up anyways in Q6C
heyooo — 09/06/16
What essays are you learning off for people of history? I haven't learned any yet!!! ��������
emmawarhurst — 09/06/16
Learn Religious Reformer so like Luther and Columbus as a starter
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