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Q5 Predictions for tomorrow
Cunn16 Junior Cert History — 14/06/16 6

Has anyone predictions for Q5 tomorrow?

Danielle1358 — 14/06/16
industrial britain/rural ireland
_ciara00 — 14/06/16
D1380 — 14/06/16
DONALD J. TRUMP — 14/06/16
I think industrial revolution. Though Martin Luther will probs be a people in history q
mathswhiz101 — 14/06/16
what would they ask for industrial england/famine?
predictionsaf — 14/06/16
Famine is more than likely, the reformation would be less likely than the famine i would definitely study the results and what the british were doing during it as the industrial come up with questions like "write an account on how england were effected by the famine" or "write an account on housing and health during the industrial revolution in england" but the famine and industrial revolution have been mixed together for 5c very often. hope this helped :)
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