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    Question 4 and 6(a) DylanG

    Anyone have any predictions for people in history question and question 6(a)

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      I'd say the reformation for 6(a) or the renaissance, the reformation came up in the mock and usually in the mocks teachers are trying to predict what's coming up and also it hasn't come up since 2009

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      i checked pass patterns, common questions and people in histories that havent come up in ages and wittled in down to a list of 11.

      1. Archaeologist

      2. Monk in early chrisitan ireland

      3. Person living in a civilisation outside ireland

      4. Lord or lady of the castle

      5. Artist from Italy

      6. Explorer during the age of exploration

      7. Reformer ie Martin Luther

      8. Leaders during revolutions ie wolfe tone, robespierre or washington

      9. a factory owner/worker

      10. leader from 1916 to 1922 ie michael collins

      11. leader from 1960 to 1985 ie sean lemass

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      Age of exploration might be a possibility for q6 ? I Don't think you'll be too far wrong with that granners

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      Age of exploration is extremely unlikely to come up, it came up last year.

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      Sorry yes it could be a possibility for Q5

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      Yeah either that or the Industrial/Agricultural revolutions

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      What about industrial/agricultural Rev. For Q6 ?

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      I don't know, it came up in 2008 but that's it. It could be a possibility, I'd cover it myself anyway just to be sure.

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      Thanks 👌

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      Middle Ages came up in 2006 so I guess it won't come up its not a common one

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      Does anyone have a sample essay on a factory owner/ worker and Martin Luther?

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      sample points just a case of putting it all 2gether

      attachment A Named Religious Reformer.docx

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