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    Here is a list dedicated to my question 4 predictions

    Plantations has come up most years except the years that it came up in question 5 ( 2009, 2013 ) and other years including ( 2007, 2005 , 2003 )

    Since I don't believe it will be a Q.5 this year it is mostly guaranteed to come up, either in A or B

    A pre-christian civilization can also come up. It has become less common in recent years but it still may come up in A.

    A monk could also come up as there is a pattern of it coming up every odd year ( 2013, 2011 ) but it never showed up in the 2015 paper, leaving it possible for it to come up this year. If comes up will most likely be in A

    An ancient civilization may come up as it has a pattern of every 3 years then every 2 years, 2016 falling under the 2 years category. If come up will be in A

    I also believe that something about 1916 will appear in B because of the celebrations. This is not based on patterns, just because of the commemorations

    Don't forget to comment with your own predictions or if I missed something ^^

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      Note these are for higher level not ordinary

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      Industrial revolutions and famine for q5 as it has been 5 years! For 6c it could be account of Easter rising.

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      my teacher said 1916 wont come up because its too obvious. idk though she said it might be something about Dublin lockout in a different section

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      Does anyone think Christopher Columbus will come up for Q4

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      Columbus and martin luther v likely

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      columbus im nearly certain... but learn off washington, early christian ireland monk and an ancient roman. That should cover yourself.

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      My predictions industrial revolution & Irish famine will be either Q4 or Q5

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      didn't Washington come up last year?

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      Whats the Dublin lockout?

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