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    Question 4A cmck134

    I did the pre Christian farmer but I wrote more about their whole life and customs, their gods and where they lived etc. Would I still get many marks?

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      anything thats relevant to the farmer guy will give you marks

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      yeah man youre supposed to or at least im fairly sure you are...thats what i did anyway

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      Tara Doherty

      Do u think its ok if u wrote about a stone age farmer

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      You can write anywhere from middle stone age to the celts and youre going to get marks so long as its in prechristian ireland. They would just probably expect the celts cause they had so much culture but youre still answering the question asked so you have to get marked fully for it .

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      Tara Doherty

      Oh thank you !!

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      I did a mix of a celt and someone from the neolithic period would I still get marks?

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      the celts are in the iron age not the neolithic period by the way

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