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    Rembrandt - A Renaissance artist? earlybird707

    Hi, I am confused if Rembrandt is a renaissance artist or not? In my history book Rembrandt is written out as the people in history essay but in my revision book it mentions 'Be careful not to use Rembrandt as a named Renaissance artist from outside of Italy. He painted in the 17th century and so he may not be regarded as a Renaissance painter.' Could somebody help me to understand if I can/should use Rembrandt as a Renaissance artist outside of Italy for the Junior Cert.

    Appreciate your help.


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      I would also recommend that you stay away from Rembrandt. A good artist to choose for an artist from outside of Italy is Albrecht Durer.The following was uploaded by another user a while ago which I found very useful.Just go to part (iii) once you have clicked on the link, Hope this helps:)

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      Thank you very much for the prompt answer and for sharing the link with me.

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      Just in case you wanted more advice, yeah I would stay away from Rembrandt too. I study Albrecht Durer!

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      Albrecht durer isn't in my history book. I don't know who to do? does anyone have a sample answer (HL)

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      Albrecht Durer, born on May 21 1471 in Nuremberg, was a German painter, printmaker and theorist during the Renaissance period. Due to his ambition of becoming a painter, Durer visited Italy to study how Italian artists worked. Later he became the chief painter at the court of the German Emperor. Durer made both oil paintings and watercolours. Many of his pictures deal with nature but he also painted many self-portraits. He made many engravings. First he carved pictures onto copper and then printed them on paper. All his engravings are signed with his initials. It is believed that Durer began his travels in 1490, effectively he was doing the grand tour of Europe. In 1495, Albrecht decided to open his own workshops. Then he decided to infuse the Northern and Italian arts. The Men’s Bath House was one of the secular scenes that he created circa 1496. Besides these secular scenes, he also created the woodcut prints in his workshops. During the Reformation, Durer became a Protestant. Durer died on April 6 1528 in Nuremberg. The Chester Beatty Museum in Dublin has the biggest collection of Durer engravings in the world.

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      thank you :)

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      Billy haran


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      iiight check it, you is listening to none other then the expert on Renaissance Artists. Firstly let me educate yourself on something that is well important is history. Leonardo DABvinci. Some people will tell you; "Chap are you high? Leo was not some white ass painter boy. He was a patron or some shite." Or; "Nah man listen up, Michael The Angelo was the main man at sculpting peoples nudity." Hear me now, I am not saying I am an expert or anything at Historical facts but me is 100% definate that hunnies used to love them some Leo and some Michael. But the main thing I has teached you today is that Renaissance is boring as politicalics. The only thing you needs to know is two words. Keep it Real.

      For those of you Belvadere posh boys 'It' does not count as a word because its short for Initt, initt?

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