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    Which leader is easy to learn off by heart for a PIH in my exam tomorrow ? Washington or robespierre????

    And if you have simple notes on one of them please give them to Me

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      Robespierre is a lot easier .

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      Robespierre is easier though in my opinion both are very easy.

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      Robespierre is easier to write about in my opnion.

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      Kylie Jenner x


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      Christine why did you have to write in this thread? This thread was made months ago and was for EA22's exam on the following day.

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      We learned washington in detail so it depends really. And SyranBreun it says on my tablet that this was posted today but I don't know I might be wrong, maybe they were talking about mocks from a few weeks ago or maybe a recent class test or something

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      I have an essay on Washington if you want it though EA22

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      It says it was posted today because Christine commented on it today. You certainly must be a very recent Studyclix user if you don't know something simple like that.

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      If she didn't, it wouldn't.

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      Kylie Jenner x

      Tbh is Michael Collins a revolutionary leader ? It's easy to learn off that account so I'll go with that tbh

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      Kylie Jenner x

      Or Hitler

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      The only revolutionary leaders for JC are Wolfe Tone, Washington or Robespierre. Simple as.

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      Sorry for not knowing something "simple" like that, I did say that I might be wrong. I've been on the site for a while but I don't come on here that often, maybe once or twice a week. At least I'm not on here 24/7..And I was only trying to help the person who made this post lmao

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      Why I'm really annoyed Jlw_8 is because you and others here are giving me notifications on a thread that was answered months ago. Sorry for coming out as a bit harsh but I hope you understand how annoying it is in a situation like this to get notifications for a month old thread.

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      It's okay that you sounded harsh no hard feeling's haha..but can you not turn off your notifications? You do realize that people, including me are still going to comment on old posts regardless of how annoyed anybody feels? We're just trying to help each other do well in our junior cert. It's stressful as it is our first state exam so instead of being so concerned with junior certs you should just turn off notifications for junior cert posts if you find it so annoying. I just get my notifications by email and I just mass delete them all at once. And sorry for delay in the reply, my WiFi is being very bad😂

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