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    Social CHange in the 20th C Charlie17

    So my history teacher has told us that we aren't going to do this topic and is contains very little facts and is 'mostly common knowledge'. Having not studied this I don't know if this is true, is it worth studying?


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      it comes up every year

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      It is mostly common knowledge but learn it from the book because they ask the same questions every year & if you can learn it its an easy 30 marks (about 17% percent)

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      Yeah, I think it's definitely worth looking at as it does come up every single year and it's very similar questions that are asked. Besides, it only makes up one chapter in the history textbook, so why not? (at least that's the case with mine - An Cúrsa Iomlán Staire - perhaps yours is different :/ )

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      Alright thanks guys :))

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