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    source question help adamchoudhary02

    they usually give 3 source questions and u answer 1 or 2. should i learn all 3 options or just the amount they ask

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      You should remember things about the account question! The last one on that source as the other questions' answers do mostly be in the source. The account question can be anything on your SECOND YEAR History course.

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      no i mean they ask to write about 3 accounts so should i learn em all incase it gets asked again

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      Oh ok. Yes you should but remember, they aren't as long as people in history and thus, are easier to learn!

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      do you think i could learn 2 of each and be fine

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      Yes but remember small little facts about 3rd ones. This is because all the ones you don't learn (without small facts) could come up in the three options and thus, you'd be deadmeat! So I'd advise you to at least learn off a few facts (not much) about each 3rd one and focus on the other two (since that's your choice)

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      ok thanks! :)

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      wait one more question... d the same three options come up or are there different combinations on what three can come up

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      Different combinations. I can give you a list of possibilities if you want to.

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      can u please

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      The Portuguese sailing east to India

      Cortes and the Aztecs

      Pizarro and the Incas

      Effects of explorations on native peoples

      Effects of explorations on Europe

      Abuses in the church

      Results of the Reformation

      Reasons for Plantations

      The Laois & Offaly Plantation

      The Munster Plantation

      The Ulster Plantation

      The Cromwellian Plantation

      Events leading up to the American Revolution

      The American War of Independence

      Causes of the French Revolution

      The French Revolution

      The Reign of Terror (I remember I answered this one in a test)

      Causes of the 1798 Irish Rebellion

      Rebellion in Wexford

      Reasons for why the 1798 Irish Rebellion failed (I answered this one in another test as well)

      Changes during the Agricultural Revolution

      Inventions during the Industrial Revolution

      Why the Industrial Revolution began in Britain

      Improving workers' conditions during the Industrial Revolution

      Effects of the Industrial Revolution

      Life in Urban Britain (like explain past times, education, health etc) (has appeared frequently even on People in History Ordinary Level)

      Changes in Transport during the Transport Revolution

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      thanks but lots of them havent been asked specifically e.g

      The Laois & Offaly Plantation

      The Munster Plantation

      The Ulster Plantation

      The Cromwellian Plantation

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      Yes those mean describe what happened, who was it carried out by etc

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