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    Whats your predictions for History!?

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      i think there will be a essay on a christian monk in a early christian monastery

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      A question 6 part on the 1916 Easter Rising!

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      What about Q5 and People In History?

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      Well for Q5, I'm trying to spot a pattern here

      2015 - Age of Exploration

      2014 - Age of Revolutions

      2013 - The Reformation

      2012 - Plantations in Ireland

      2011 - Urban Britain and Rural Ireland

      2010 - Age of Exploration

      ^ Maybe Urban Britain and Rural Ireland?

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      For people in history, maybe:

      - One of the seven leaders of the proclamation of the Irish Republic

      - A named political leader in the Republic of Ireland during the period 1960-1985

      - A person living in a named ancient civilisation OUTSIDE Ireland

      - A named religious reformer at the time of the Reformation

      - A named leader on a voyage during the Age of Exploration

      - A renaissance painter outside / in Italy

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      Syran Bruen is there any chance 1916 will come up on q5

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      No!! Only chapters you learnt in 2nd year can come up on Q5

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      Are you positive with that statement? Like how do you know?🍃

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      Thanks Syran your 100% though?

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      5c is only the consequences and effects of each chapter in second year history.

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      Noah Thomas

      Yeah, Q 5 is second year history. A 1916 question could come up in Q6 though. Seeing as how it's the centeniary, I wouldn't be surprised.

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      Yeah I am 100%. I know because of my books and I looked over all past History papers and every single Q5 is based on 2nd year history.

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      Sryan can you please post some science predictions, like what experiments you think will come up? Thanks

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      Well in reality, Science is impossible to predict as there is no choices and absolutely anything could come up. However, I have made this document for you. It shows all the experiments since 2011 have come up and it shows if the experiment came up in a certain year since then. You can predict yourself by seeing how often or when was the last time it came up.

      attachment Science Experiments 2016.docx

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