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The impact of the Industrial Revolution on peoples lives?
L Maeve Junior Cert History — 14/06/16 2

My teacher says this was most likely to come up as an account but I have no idea how to answer it. Does anybody have any ideas?

BenHutch — 14/06/16
-More food as a result of the agricultural revolution thanks to new inventions such as the Seed Drill and Selective Breeding. -Improvement in transport and the invention of the steam engine by Thomas Newcomen (James Watt only improved the steam engine, did not invent it) -Due to new farming techniques in which strip farming was abandoned, poorer people migrated in their masses to large cities in which they could get jobs working in factories -Led to the eventual formation of Unions and also led to employee's rights (this one is a bit iffy, might not include it if this comes up, but it's there if you want to haha) -Improved status and earnings for women in society -More leisure time available to all in which they may spend time with their families That's about it, unless anyone else can think of any more.
L Maeve — 14/06/16
Thank you so much
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