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    time management for the jc/mocks 2016 Sarah2014

    does anyone know the amount of time that I should spend on answering each q on the history exam paper? how long should you spend on q 6d writing about an account of the holocaust/D-day landings? thanks

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      at the front of most of the exam papers on mine they give really good tips on timing and on sample answers.

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      I have edco is there any where online I could get the timing and tips

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      Our teacher said you should only spend about 10 minutes on each account

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      10 mins oh God that's not a lot how long should it be roughly

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      About 1 A4 page I think...

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      oh right thank you

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      Each account should only, depending on your handwriting, be a paragraph, but the essays can be from 3/4 of a page to 1 1/2 pages :)

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      These are the timings I used last year and question order. Though different people might use their time in a different way . Use the mocks to discover what works best for you. Now is your chance to experiment not in the real exam.

      Reading time : 5 minutes ( THIS IS SO IMPORTANT as you can mark off what questions you might be attempting.)


      Pictures : 10 minutes


      Documents : 10 minutes


      Short questions : 15 minutes


      People in history : 35 minutes


      Sources: 30 minutes

      Question 6 : 40 minutes

      Don't forget to look over your answers you'd be surprised what mistakes you can rectify at the last minute.

      If you need any other advice on a specific topic in history feel free to ask.

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      Thank you so much I'm worried about not finishing the exam because my teacher is telling me that I have to write an a4 page on an account in q 6d e.g. the holocaust or Nazi propaganda and I am a very slow writer. I also find the documents difficult and I've practised them a lot and can't get them done in ten minutes. Would it help if I started backwards I.e. did q 6 then q 5 then the people in history etc and leave the document till last?

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      You get marks for historical fact not for waffle. I have seen people who are brilliant at history waffle on about background and still only get the 2 marks allocated. I 'd highly recommend you do 1, 2, 3. In your case I'd then do 5, 6 and 4 . Don't leave question 6 until last as it's worth 60 marks !!

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      Ok cool thanks so much have you done the jc? Is it actually that hard to finish the paper. Are you that stuck for time?

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      Yes I did my Junior Cert last year. With a lot of hard work and determination it's not if you start preparing now. I wasn't stuck for time as I approached the paper calmly and actually thought things through. Is there anything in particular you find hard about history I could help you with. I got an A so I'd like to think I could help :]

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      Thanks so much for your time. It's not that I find history hard its just the amount of things and knowing what is important and what is not is confusing. Have you any people in history notes? If not don't worry! Do you know how I could improve on the document questions? I am confident with q 6d but not with q 6c or 6b thanks again

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      My teachers says she's not doing the social studies after ww2 for the jc because we don't have time . Is this important for the jc? Should I study it myself?

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      I totally understand. In class your teacher might say this bit is important . You should write your own notes after every class! All my notes are in Irish but if I know a specific one I can translate it for you. With documents the most important thing is to take a deep breath and read what is written not what you think is written. After you read it the first time read the questions and when you find an answer highlight it. I know you don't have a lot of time but if you stay calm you can do it. Take direct quotes from the document aswell. Don't make things complicated.

      I didn't study question 6 B in detail as I had studied A, C, D. I personally have a huge interest in Irish History (6c) therefore I found it easier to study.

      A lot of teachers are iffy about the Social Change as often students don't actually show the change.Though an essay can come up in Question 4 on it. Are you preparing for 6A?

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      If you're finding it hard to fut in all the questions. I'd advice to start with question 6. I did that int he exam followed by q4,5,1,2,3. This way you can get anything you elarnt off out of the way and then you can focus on your reading and observation ability

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      In class we've only went through q 6d in full so far but I think q6a is first year stuff so I definitely will be doing it if its first year stuff thanks again for the tips

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      Thank you granners

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