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What Plantation?
lilannila Junior Cert History — 28/05/16 10

Which plantations do you think I should learn in detail? Ulster or Munster ? Thanks !

JackW — 22/05/16
lilannila — 22/05/16
JiteshKhatri — 27/05/16
learn ulster as it has the most detail but you will always get an option :)
david1510 — 27/05/16
munster is a definite to come up
JackW — 27/05/16
How is Munster a definite to come up?
EA22 — 27/05/16
Alex165 — 27/05/16
Ulster I'd say
lilannila — 28/05/16
So I need to know one in detail (Ulster) and some info about the others right?
JackW — 28/05/16
Galbraith — 28/05/16
Ulster, as it has the most information
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