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Which would you suggest
embaela Junior Cert History — 29/05/16 7

What would you suggest to do / be the easiest to do and remember for a 'people in history' question: -a revolutionary leader (usa/France/Ireland) Or -a factory owner

EA22 — 29/05/16
A factory owner . But I have learned that Im the poor person working in the factory account . Either one will do
Elisha447 — 29/05/16
A factory owner.. But has that ever came up? I think it's only a factory or mine worker!!! I would study a revolution leader too though:)
embaela — 29/05/16
Thank you!
JCScenes — 29/05/16
A factory owner is much better because. Revolutionary came up last year so I doubt they'll come up again
Lordan1 — 29/05/16
sit on my face chubby
SryanBruen — 29/05/16
In terms of "ease" FOR ME is the revolutionary leader but that's because I know the revolutions very well. I'd advise you like everybody else here to go and do the factory owner.
EA22 — 29/05/16
Lordan1 wtf
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