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    Advice for my home ec cooking practical Elisha447

    I have my cooking practical tomorrow I'm terrified as I'm doing lasanga and probably won't get it finished!!

    Does anyone have any tips and advice please I have the worst home ec teacher who hasn't helped us at all!!

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      Stephanie K

      Hey, don't worry, you have done all the hard work l, have confidence! Don't worry if you don't get the washing up done, they won't drop u any marks! Stay calm and just do your best! Don't forget to do your evaluation!! Best of luck! I did my JC 2yrs ago but if you want to ask any questions work away and I will try and help u!! Stay calm 😀

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      Alex F

      My advice is not to worry at all

      The examiners are very nice and will try make it fun. Today my friend's class had their exam and their examiner was very funny.

      Don't let the Lasange worry you, the examiners know people make mistakes, but remain calm.

      If you had any troubles with the Lasange write it in the evaluation like Stephaine said. They will know you do know about how to correct the error another time and will almost give you full marks

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