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    Childcare project criticism dannynewcombe

    Hi everyone, I've just started third year and I'd appreciate it if somebody could critique my childcare project. My teacher says it's great, but I get on really well with her so she might be a bit biased. I'm just looking for your general thoughts on content and whatnot. Whether you're a student or teacher, it doesn't really matter. By the way, I know that most schools just do it on a normal child, but in mine we did a particular factor of child development, like creches, diabetes and disabilities. I did mine on albinism. Thanks in advance!

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      Stephanie K

      Hi I'm an LC home Ec student. Your project is really good. Here are a few suggestions

      1) I would have a very detailed work plan

      2) I would include a work diary, make it up-this should be a very detailed day to day account.

      3) include an acknowledgment at the end of your project thanking everyone that helped you

      4) with regards to the interview if it is impossible I would include more questions and answers-you could even make up the questions and answers from your research

      5)if possible look up the Internet for pics of development of children with this condition and explain the condition with pics

      Hope this helps. Ask me if you have any more questions best of luck it's really really good well done

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      Thanks Stephanie!

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      Bye the way, I'm aiming for an A. Just keep that in mind when ye read it because I'd like to know if it's to a high enough standard. :)

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      Stephanie K

      That should be definitely an A standard project

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