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cooking exam task 4
amie-brett Junior Cert Home Economics — 05/12/16 5

any ideas on what to cook. recipes? looking for a meal sutible for a lacto vegatarian or anemic person

lkearney122 — 31/10/16
In home ec last week we practiced that task and we made stuffed peppers. They were actually really nice! I can send u in the recipe if u want
Galbraith — 01/11/16
we made a veggie curry. I was DELISH
Galbraith — 01/11/16
it not I
Stephanie K — 01/11/16
Anemic person. Cook something with red meat! Lasagne shows a lot of skill, white sauce making, layering, the mince sauce etc best of luck
aoife0509 — 05/12/16
anemic person- we made chilli con carne as it contains red meat
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