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    cooking practical Sarah2014

    any ideas/tips on what do cook/bake for the home ec practical. im getting nervous as I have to make my mind up quickly (so my teacher says) and she keeps denying my ideas. thanks :)

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      rice and curry.......

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      thanks :)

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      You surely haven't got the task yet have you??

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      No but my teacher is like telling us to make up our minds what to do

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      What I did was looked at the years previous tasks and made a dish based on each task. Your knife skills are very important so make sure you can cut meat and veg. Did you prefer baking or cooking?

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      Thank you so much. I prefer baking rather than cooking. I was looking at the 2015 practical and I like the special occasion one

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      everybody likes soup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      a toasty slice of sexyak assult

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      Sazzle :)

      Chicken nuggets is my family

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      thanks very much @coimheblaneys

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      it all depends on your brief Sarah! hopefully you will get a baking one if that's what you prefer. A cake with decoration would be a good one for the special occasion! Perhaps look at something that will show an ample amount of skills but isn't too difficult! best of luck!

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      thanks so much caitriona, what else should I do for the special occasion eg one has to be savory

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      and I cant bake scones at all haha

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      for savoury maybe do cheese scones? they contain no sugar but are still easy to make! Sausage rolls are easy too! or bruschetta is nice, savoury and very simple!

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      you wouldn't know any good recipes for scones. the one in my home ec book is laid out wrong (so my teacher says anyways)?

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