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    cooking practical 2016 diyalsjdjldam

    can anyone give me ideas on how to present my scones and muffins

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      Katie G

      some ideas...

      -Try and find decorative bowls/plates or even plates that are interesting shapes

      - You could cut one scone in half and put jam + cream on it, then have the rest stacked ontop of eachother or in a bowl/basket ! And you could serve your scones with fresh fruit like strawberries? Maybe half a strawberry ontop of the cream on the scone would look nice and have more strawberries in a little bowl

      -Serve your jam in a little jar

      -Get a wooven basket with some fabric and place your muffins in that

      -Sprinkle icing sugar on both

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      I'm doing the scones and muffins task also, and I'm serving them on a 3-tiered cake stand with a doily underneath! But of course you could use a basket or bowl, and for the jam cream and butter put them into little dishes or ramakins! Also, don't put a scone or muffins onto a plate with jam butter and cream already on. The examiner will do this themselves!

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