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    Cooking task Ellen99

    I have received Task 5 for my Home Ec practical exam and I have to prepare one savoury and one sweet food and one has to be cooked. I'm thinking cookies for sweet but I'm not too sure what to make for savoury. Help me please

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      Depending on the occasion e.g. a Birthday party: try finger foods like sausage rolls, filled tortilla wraps cut & held together with cocktail sticks, crudites ( raw veg sticks)with a few dips, finger sandwiches, mini burgers, chicken goujons with a sweet chilli dip, bruschetta, filled mini vol au vent cases, cherry tomatoes filled with a variety of fillings, mini pizzas using burger buns or mini naan breads as your 'pizza' base etc. The savoury dish can be cooked or uncooked depending on your skills as long as the sweet dish is cooked ie you make cookies. Good luck

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