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    Craft project Ciararm


    I'm in second year and currently just about to commence my craft project. I'm really worried, I don't know what to do. I was thinking about doing cross stitch or appliqué but still I'm not quite confident in either. I also liked knitting but again not too sure. Any tips or advice

    Or do you have any tips on displaying it.

    Thank you.

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      Is this for home ec? For my JC I did a cushion cover with appliqué design and two different stitches pretty sure they were cross stitch and blanket stitch. Just make the appliqué some sort of cartoon like animal, thats probably easiest! also use felt as it doesn't fray at the edges, you can get everything in Hickeys and Ikea sell small cushions to put inside it :) also don't worry just practice it and you'll be fine!

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      I wasn't very good at crafts so I picked cross stitch as I thought it would be my best choice. It's easy once you get the hang of it so pick a design that will challenge you. Some of my friends did appliqué and knitting and their projects turned out lovely - just pick a design or craft that you're interested in and the hard work will definitely be worth it when you see the end project! :)

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      I started cross stitch but ended up doing knitting.

      Knitting was very relaxing and I got an 'A'

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      I did a cushion with a felt teddy bear. I taught myself how to knit.. 'Properly' and knitted a waistcoat. I incorporated a lot of different stitches into my design. :)

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      For my JC I did a cushion cover with a yellow felt Mr. Happy on a purple cushion cover and also some writing on the cushion cover in chain stitch, I also used satin and blanket stutch. In my opinion I think this is possibly the easiest thing to do because I know a lot of girls in my class did a lot of different things and some of them struggled to get them finished... With the stitches they are so simple and there so easy practise just sitting in fromt of the tv that's what I did and before I knew it I coudl them really well. it just takes a bit of practise and for the first while of doing it.. It's seems really hard but after a while it will come together!! This is also a really simple thing to write up in the craft folder. I hope this helped and best of luck with what ever you do!

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      Good luck with whatever you choose!!!!!!!

      Most of my students do cross stitch and tapestry by last year 1 student did knitting and 1 did appliqué.

      I would rather my class to go for cross stitch or tapestry unless a parent or someone at home is very good at other items eg. knitting, appliqué

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