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    Failed higher level home ec Noel_5165

    Anyway I got about 25% in my written paper. My short questions were well answered but my long questions I failed miserably. I got 21 outta 80 for my section B question -1

    And in my elective I only got 10 outta 80. I have not received my written paper back yet

    Does anyone have any recommendations of books or methods that may help for studying these parts of the exams?

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      Start practicing past exam papers to improve your technique and style of answering. Make flashcards on all the key definitions that have come up in past papers... Maybe read some of the A/B standard students work in your class also?

      But remember, your cookery isn't included in that percentage... What was your elective?

      I have some materials that got me an A in the 2014 Junior cert, if you'd like them? Completely up to you, don't get downhearted by the result, you have roughly 60 days to improve on the result!!

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      maybe drop to ordinary level

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      I do higher and its easy

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      ya i have been doing flashcards since i got my result. Unfortunately the majority of my class failed and got a slightly higher mark than me. I believe my problem is the long questions, maybe I'm not answering them the way i should. I feel like I know the stuff but it may be too vague. I still think i should do higher especially when i already dropped 4 Ordinary and only have 4 higher.

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      Kate_5981 i done the social studies elective. i do find some of the stuff easy to understand but fail to understand what the questions are asking.

      If you can send the material i will be grateful it could give me a head start of what i should do at the end of the day its all about my work ethic :)

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      If you leave your email address, il pass on my info and further advice :) noel_5165

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      Noel_5165 thanks very much! :)

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      Hi Kate_5981 I'm doing higher level in home ec and I sail through it generally but I wouldn't mind seeing what stuff you have if you wouldn't mind sending it to me at your earliest convenience.... thanks.

      my email is

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      @kate_5981 would you mind emailing me the stuff you have please @ thanks so much X

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      Sinead Leahy

      Basically for the higher level you need to know the skin and the nutritional value of food really well. This will get you 2/4 long questions. If you're stuck do what I do I always nearly get full marks for the long questions but if you pick one in the exam make sure you can answer all questions. I got 92 in my written. Don't worry abt the written the practical at higher level is worth 35 and your project is worth 10%. Just write as much as you can for the long questions

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