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    Folder done about my wall hanging Sarah2014

    so in second year I completed my wall hanging. now I am left with my folder. will the examiner be too fussy with the folder because it is a complete mess and half of it is copied and pasted. will the examiner give most of the points for the wall hanging or is it the folder that has been completed? thanks

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      Your folder is nearly worth the same amount of marks as your finished product. You should therefore put the same amount of effort into your folder too. See below for the breakdown of marks.

      Problem and Analysis- 10 Marks

      Solution- 10 marks

      Evaluation-10 marks

      Meeting the Brief/Suitability- 10 marks

      Skills- 40 marks

      Design features- 10 marks

      Quality of the Product- 10 marks

      Hope that helps.

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      thank you so much :)

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      Your project in total is worth 15% of final grade an is marked out of 100m;70m for the item and 30m for the support study folder. For this reason, I disagree with KimOToole who says it is worth almost the same. The item (wall hanging) is actually worth more than twice the folder.

      However, the folder gets valuable marks so do spend some time on it.

      The examiner will spot copied and pasted material immediately. My advice would be to produce your own original material.b Examiners aren't looking for massive folders full of print outs from the internet.

      Hope this helps.

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      Apologies Sarah, I've attached the marking scheme for your information. Ms. Quinn is right in stating there is a greater amount of marks awarded to the finished product. However, your folder is a good reflection of the planning and thought required to complete a high standard finished product. In order to attain higher marks you will require a high quality folder and product. I agree with Ms. Quinn, it does not have to be excessive in information but indeed "copy and paste" will not suffice.

      I wish you best of luck with project. I've attached the marking scheme below.

      attachment Craft Marking Scheme.docx

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      thank you both very much. my home ex teacher told me it was ok to copy and paste definitions of applique and embroidery and the history on both of the terms. thanks for informing me on that

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      can anyone tell me how many stitches do you have to include if tapestry if your craft?

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      wouldn't have a clue sorry

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      at least 3

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      ive only done two

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      Stephanie K

      If you want a copy of my craft folder from JC I will sent it to you. I got full marks in it.

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      yes that would be great thank you

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      Stephanie K

      Send me on your email address

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