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    Good enough? Cookery Exam bassw

    I have to do brief number 7, my task is to prepare and serve a main dish high in calcium.

    I'm doing spaghetti carbonara, with 100g parmezan and sprinkle some on the top of the spaghetti as well.

    Is this enough to meet the brief?

    Also, another question, before giving it to the examiner, do you clean everything or just put the dirty dishes away and do the cleaning afterwards?

    Thank you and sorry for my english, it's not my first language.

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      Find out how much is the daily reccomended amount of calcium a day, then see how much is in your parmesan and dish entirely. Make sure you have at least half the RDA.


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      1) The brief states Dairy Products maybe indicating more that one dairy product.

      2) Serve the dish when it is piping hot and as soon as you have it plated to your satisfaction. Cleaning up can be done once the examiner has tasted the dish. You don't want the examiner to be eating cold food!!!!

      3) Remember to always taste your dish with/before/after examiner so that you can write up your evaluation truthfully. Always write the truth in the evaluation as the examiner will see and tasted your dish.

      4) May I ask what your desert or nourishing drink is??

      Hope this helps :-)

      Not finishing washing up and stating that in the evaluation that you ran out of time is quiet OK.

      However, saying in your learned off evaluation that you got everything (including cleaning up) finished in time but it is clear to the examiner that you didn't get it finished. It really is NOT OK. Remember to be honest in your evaluation. Examiner will know when you have lied.

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      Thank you for the answers, I really appreciate it.

      The thing is I practiced this recipe 3 times, I don't know if I can back out and choose another main course dish.My homec teacher also didn't say anything , except the last time when she said '' I wonder if that's enough calcium '' (or something like this), which made me worry a little bit.However, if Aisling is right, then it's not a problem, 100g of parmezan has 1,109 mg calcium, and the RDA for children(in the brief it states that this is for kids) is 1000mg.

      Also the nourishing drink which I will serve is going to be orange juice probably, since its doesn't have to contain calcium.I'm also not going to lie in the evaluation, I know it's very important and that they are looking for honesty.

      Thank you again for your answers :)

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      does anyone know how to serve scones and muffins

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      I did junior cert home ec 3 years ago and I had the scone and muffins brief :) I served the muffins on a cake stand and the scone in a wooden basket.

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      bassw - Why don't you try a smoothie which isn't really time consuming and has far more skill than squeezing oranges. Just a thought!!!!

      djialsjdjldam - I agree a cake stand for the muffins and a basket for the scones make sure to use a doily, it makes them look very pretty and more enthusing

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      Can't really switch now since monday i'm cooking, but thank you for the suggestion anyway.

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      No problem, Good Luck on Monday:-)

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