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Home Ec Help Please!
Katehunter Junior Cert Home Economics — 17/06/16 10

I am wondering what diagrams I need to know for Jc Home Economics HL please :)

Alex F — 01/06/16
The Sewing Machine diagram hasn't come up since 2006, so maybe that Maybe draw a kitchen floor plan
Galbraith — 01/06/16
reproductive system, digestive system, a tooth, skin, know consumers signs and symbols A sewing machine (as mentioned above) a kitchen floor plan (also above)
Sineadnsx — 02/06/16
^The respiratory system and you usually don't have to write the function of every part of whatever diagram you are asked to draw !!
Katehunter — 02/06/16
Thanks everyone, greatly appreciated!
Aoife_9776 — 02/06/16
elenah123 — 12/06/16
Meat,fish,eggs Home baking Packaging
aine8666 — 12/06/16
the skin and tooth wont come up maybe as a short question, the tooth came up in 2014 and skin in 2015 ;))
coh15 — 16/06/16
vegetables wont come up maybe as they came up in a long q. last yr
Lucy_4466 — 16/06/16
Predictions for long questions ???
Emmamccracken — 17/06/16
mental health enviroment linen
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