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    Home ec practical sophie544

    I'm making cupcakes as part of my practical. I've been using the creaming method i.e adding the butter and sugar then mixing then adding the eggs etc. But they seem to be cracking on the top. Has anyone made them in the practical before? Should I just put all of the ingredients in a bowl instead of electric mixing it? Thanks

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      And* not of

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      I'd say the best thing to do would be to tell your teacher and ask her what's an alternative method before taking advice from people on this. Good luck with your practical and don't worry about it, it's honestly not stressful once you get into it and the examiner walks around everybody and sits down for most of it as well :)

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      @avril_7038 yeah I figured out it was my oven temperature! Had it on gas 6 instead of gas 4 so hopefully they'll be fine now

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