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    home economics childcare project clionamac

    Anyone so the home economics childcare project instead of the craft project? Any tips

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      I did! has your teacher given you guidelines? I recommend that you get someone's project who you might know of that did childcare when they were in the junior cert and just observe and create your own ideas from that. Also I wouldn't pick a fake child from the Internet to write about! If you have a brother or sister observe them! And make the project about 40/50 pages long as you get the marks!

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      Thanks for that. Got a basic layout from my home economics teacher. . Can you do it on a specific condition like autism or type 1 diabetes?

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      yeah a lot of people in my class did that, I did mine on Prenatal substance abuse.

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      That's great thanks.. I have a cousin with type 1 diabetes so not too bad

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      No problem, its fine as long as your'e constantly referring to child development.

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      Yes my home ec teacher said that using if being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes can affect the emotional development of a child is ok to use

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