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    last exam help HamedahSafi

    please tell me what is on home ec DEB or EXAMCRAFT. I'll trade

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      please please help and I'll gave hints on what every subject u want

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      When do you have it? I have in the morning and can give it after lunch if you give me deb English paper 2

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      I can tell you.

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      Can you tell me too please

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      Rawrenxo please tell me

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      Do any of ye know what's coming up on the deb English paper 2??

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      Niamh73 Drama Q1. two characters that have negative or positive relationship(a) how the relationship develop (b) u r directing the play select a scene and convey the relationship, refer to two dramatic techniques u would use. Q2 a scene that features conflict (a) what takes place in the scene and explain how it impacted on ur understanding of the entire play(b) in ur view how successful is the playwright's use of conflict holding audience's attention throughout the play.

      poetry-(1) choose poem where poet deals with universal theme(a)what the poet had to say about the universal theme (b) how the language helped u understand the universal theme, in answer u may wish to consider use of imagery, tone/mood, structure of poem, other features. 2personality of the speaker brought to life(a)aspects of speakers personality found in poem(b) how the language helped to bring the personality of speaker to life.

      fiction-1 review of novel or short story u have studied for ur school magazine. explain why u liked or delinked the text, would u recommend it to ur age group, may wish to consider plot, themes, characterization, setting, language, style or any other aspect. 2 Novels and short stories often surprise the reader with an unexpected development, choose poem to which this statement applies(a)describe the unexpected development in ur text and explain why it happened(b) how does the unexpected development add to ur excitement.

      they are all question 2. u pick 1 or 2. the reading one q1s are ok

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      niamh what time is ur home ec finishing

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      Thank you so much 😊 I'm not sure but I can tell you what came up at lunchtime

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      Add me on snapchat : rawrenxo

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      sorry cant I am not allowed to use my phone until tomorrow. this is my computer I am using.

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      please tell me on studyclix :)

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      Ya I'll tell you on this tomorrow :)

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      The long questions where on cheese, eating habits of a teenager and what they can lead to, what a convalescent is, consumer rights and responsibilities, write a letter if complaint, room planning you have to plan a room for a teenager, learn everything about wool and the digestive system

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