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    LC Home Ec? jcstudy626

    I didn't do home ec for junior cert but does anyone know what its like in the senior cycle & would i be able to take it up if I haven't done it for JC? Thanks

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      From what I've heard leaving cert home ec is very tough! People have told me if I'm keeping it on that I should start studying day 1😂 if you want to keep it on, you'd have to be dedicated to revising it! Not sure though maybe ask this in the leaving cert home ec part or google it :)

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      Okay thanks very much!

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      Home Ec for the leaving cert is very broad and demanding, there are a lot of parts that you will need to learn. But if you study a small bit each day and keep revising it is quite doable! it's like any other subject for the leaving cert at the end of the day! best of luck

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      Leaving Cert Home Economics is hard but it is very interesting. I really enjoy this subject thoroughly which makes it easier. There is a girl that didn't do Home Ec for the JC and she found it extremely difficult. Hope this helps.

      If you think you will enjoy definitely go with it.

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      Stephanie K

      Definitely should do LC home Ec. If you did science for JC that will give you a hand anyways. It is very broad course but is really interesting. Once you do your bit of learning every night you will fly through it. Also if you did JC business or if you are doing LC business it will give you a hand some in the topics overlap. Also if you are doing biology it chemistry for LC that will also help.

      If you want to ask me more detailed questions I will answer them for you.

      I love home Ec

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