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    Menu Planning earlybird707

    Hi there, I find menu planning quite confusing. If it is possible could someone please give me some tips and a sample answer for 2016 > Section B > Question 2 > Part d

    Thank you for all the help in advance.

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      (expect breakfast, lunch, dinner, 2 snacks) breakfast =3m

      lunch =3m

      dinner =3m

      balanced menu format =2m

      =2m (2 x 1)

      =2m (3 out of 4 food groups in the day’s menu)

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      breakfast should have 1 hot and 1 cold drink, something wholemeal eg wholemeal toast

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      always write from the centre of the page, add commas and not 'and' or 'served with' draw a box around the menu. aadd a line, squiggle or x's between each course

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      Thank you so much everybody!!!

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