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    Need long questions as soon as possible exam is tomorrow! alex18

    Really need the long questions ! really stressed out over home ec, heard it's really hard, please anyone

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      I have the deb ones will trade for history

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      Yeah that's good

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      Do u have history what's your snapchat

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      Yeah I already had my history exam it's alexs_xoxo

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      for people in history I did (A) a monk in early Christian Ireland and (B)Christopher Columbus

      6A was plantation 6B was social changes 6D was ww2 there were two accounts on Stalingrad, the other one was propaganda from 1933 to 1936(not sure about the dates but it was on propaganda)

      picture- middle ages and 1916 up rising

      documents- I forgot

      sources- famine and reformation

      short questions

      what is prehistory

      difference between primary and secondary

      name two ways archaeologists date

      hope I helped

      can i have homec

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      i just copied and paste

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      Can you please tell me whats on the homec??

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      for exam craft leanr cheese eggs mental health and work triangles

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