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    Tasks 2015 VampireBlue1234

    Hey lads , this is my task do ye have any suggestions? What did ye get?

    Current dietary guidelines recommend that we should increase our intake of fresh fruit and veg. List different methods of including fresh fruit and veg in the diet.

    Suggest some nourishing dishes that can be made using a variety of fresh fruit or veg.

    Using fresh fruit and or veg, prepare, cook and serve one savoury dish and one sweet dish.

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      Vegetable soup and apple crumble!:D

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      Vegetable soup and apple crumble or fruit flan

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      a vegetable curry and a mixed berry roulade

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      Do ye have any suggestions for a savoury food served at a party? Preferably not cooked

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      Savoury food not cooked you can have a kebab with grapes cheese and orange on it or sandwiches or wraps. good luck.

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      What about quesadillas? Would that be a good one for my task for the savoury part?

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      Yip. They would be perfect.

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      im making spaghetti bolognese

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      i got task 6 my task is to identify a culture of my choice and list some popular dishes associated with the culture.Design and set out a two-course menu suitable for an evening meal.I have to prepare ,cook and serve complete main course of meal for two people and set a one -place table setting for the meal.

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