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Gujguhi Junior Cert Home Economics — 22/01/17 17

Is it just me, or is Home Ec really difficult to study simply because it drains the life out of you because of how BORING it is. I have literally spend the past 4 hours staring at the definitions of the types of families. Does anyone else feel my pain?

Sarah2014 — 16/06/16
omg it is sooooooooooo boring I am trying to study it now and its not going in haha
Gujguhi — 16/06/16
Right? I don't need instructions on how to pick put cushions for my house and why, why, why do I need to know shopping terms? When you're shopping, you hardly go into a shop and be like "Oh, that's unit pricing right there" or "Look, everyone, I am bulk buying".
Sarah2014 — 17/06/16
hahaha "oh guys im impulse buying help! someone give me 5 guidelines on how to shop and stop bulk buying"
Ryan Coyle — 17/06/16
The boringest subject ever! do not pick!
Aisha_Senatour_123 — 17/06/16
SryanBruen — 17/06/16
Thank god I don't do it hahaha. Even if I wanted to, it's not available in my school. #THANKGOD.
Gujguhi — 17/06/16
You lucky bastard. In my school it was either home ec or woodwork. Clearly it was a lose-lose situation.
SryanBruen — 17/06/16
On the dark side though, my school does not do Technology, Technical Graphics, Metalwork or Woodwork.
Gujguhi — 17/06/16
Wow. Does your school have any subjects at all? You're still extremely lucky, though. The tech project was the most frustrating thing ever. At least it's all nearly over; just one subject to go... Shit... Technology...
SryanBruen — 17/06/16
Yeah my only choices were French or Spanish. I chose French. Music, Business or Art. - You pick two and drop one. I chose Music and Business. Just Music to go for me
Gujguhi — 17/06/16
French vs Art= French Woodwork vs Home Ec= Home Ec Business vs German= German Tech vs Music= Tech, because I honestly can't tell a musical note from a piano I'm just so glad to finally be rid of the JC. At least we'll actually have subjects we want for the Leaving.
SryanBruen — 17/06/16
Yeah NO MORE HISTORY in my life!!!! I've always despised History and I can finally get rid of it! If my school had all the subjects then this would be the LC subjects I would want: English, Irish, Maths, Geography, Music, Technical Graphics, Physics However, since there is no Technical Graphics in my school, I only have those subjects for my LC.
Gujguhi — 17/06/16
Ahhh! Physics?!? Why in the world? Physics is the spawn of Satan... In the form of formulas and levers! And geography! The horror! So many rocks, so many rivers *shudder*. And yeah, I agree with the history thing. I used to love history, but since the JC forced us to cram EVERYTHING into our heads at once, I've started to turn against it. I'm still not sure what I'm doing for the LC. I hope to keep French and German, and do Chinese in fourth year just because of how random a language it is :P
Sandy mattews — 18/06/16
Hey guys some advice do H.E for your leaving cert my fav subject not a bit boring now
SryanBruen — 18/06/16
Yeah I have had an interest in weather since I was about 9 and wanted to be a meteorologist. If I want to be one, I have to do Physics and HL Maths. I don't know if I'm going to be 1, so I'm doing Physics just in case - none of other sciences are of use to me at all. Yes I love Geography and that is why I'm doing it.
23457 — 18/06/16
Its so fun and easy
marywballyvee — 22/01/17
Home Economics is my favourite subject (I am in third year), and it has always been far from boring. I'm not always a fan of what we cook in our cookery classes on Mondays but I always find it really easy to get a result in the high 60s, 70s, 80s (and 96 on one occasion) in any written test. we have one next week on technology, services to the home, home hygiene and the environment - I'm aiming for 80+ for Leaving Cert, i want to do history, home ec, German and either geography or biology. home ec (higher level), German (highe level) and Irish (way too easy at ordinary) are by far my strongest subjects. The only reason I am in ordinary level Irish is because I only got 47 in the summer exam in first year and also honours is really complicated stuff so it's probably better to get straight A's in pass than get D's (or fails) in Honours. I'll probably go down to pass maths after the pres too
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