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    Tips on how to study for Home Economics exam. JadeSheehan

    For anyone studying Home Economics in the junior cert I have a few tips that should really work:

    For the mocks I tried learning all from the book and nothing was going in and I panicked in the exam. Tip: Forget about the books they are only a guideline get exam papers as fast as possible.

    2. Childcare/Sewing project: I did the childcare project which I thought was very easy to do. The sewing project has a lot of work and the costing too on the fabrics is a little expensive. The childcare project is much better to do.

    3. The cooking exam: Prep yourself well and make sure you make out your right timetable.

    4. Exam papers: Exam papers are key. Print out the marking schemes of each year and glue them into your hardback or simply learn from the exam papers yourself. There is always repeats of questions that come up over and over again so star them and focus on them.

    5. The exam itself: Once you put hard work into the project and cooking exam your marks will be earned. The short questions do all of them.

    Hope this helped! For further tips please comment below if you would like to know more. Hope this helped! :)

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      thank you so much. I find home ec so hard. how many effects/guidelines are need for the long questions because they don't ask you how much is needed

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      yeh buts tis boring

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      Apologies for the late replies guys. Maybe 4 points Sarah? It really depends what your teacher tells you but I suggest 4. It is hard well agree with you. If you need any more guidelines on anything else feel free to ask me. And Sineadsweet15 don't exactly know what your saying?

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