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    Can I have help in the Listening? AndrewHill98

    I cannot listen to either Irish or German, which is kind of embarrassing because I got a UCC+ programme award for german. I do want to do well in the listening in both German and Irish, but i find that no matter how hard I try, I always seem to have the wrong answers.

    Please if someone can help me, you would probably be the one responsible for me getting an A in Irish and German. I'm in Higher Level for both...

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      Hi Andrew,

      Doing well at listening comprehensions is all about practice and building up a good vocabulary (which you will have if you are good at languages). To practice it might be a good idea to use the aural sections on Studyclix. You can listen to one question at a time, see the questions and then reveal the answers to see if where you are going wrong. You'll need a PLUS account to do it but I hope you will find it worth it.

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