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    Essays, Pros and Filiocht ... HELP!! theprocrastinator

    Will I be ok with just knowing a ceoilchorm, breithla, and cluiche sport essay? I know them practically word for word and I also have a paragraph which is like about getting my bag stolen which I can just put into either of them ... Im really freaking out! Also will I be ok with just one pros and just one filiocht? Thanks

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      If they don't ask you anything to do with them just write it down as you are getting marked for your irish so they will still give you a lot of marks

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      yup, no matter what you write, you only loose a few marks for not relating it to the'll still get ur marks for grammar :)

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      11ND - CCM

      That's not correct really. The marking works so that the less relative your story is to the title the less marks for your Irish it's POSSIBLE to get. There's 8 marks going for the relevance to the title, so for example, if you get 7 marks for your relevance the most marks you can get for your Irish is 36 etc.. Same idea for letter.

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      I'm looking for a ceoilceoirm essay will you please send me a copy of your one please??

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      A.C of Tonnlane

      You should get an essay with lots of different possible essay in one like leatha saoire , timpiste, and ceoilceoirm all rolled into one. for example you wet on holidays, while you were on your holidays you discovered your favorite band where in town. you got tickets and you where all excited about to the consort but you fell down the stairs broke your arm and spent the night of the consort in the hospital

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      Make sure if you don't know the one that comes up at least mention whats in the question at least once or twice in your essay or make something up because if you don't say anything at all answering the question you will get 0 marks

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