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    Honours irish Lukee98

    Can anyone give me any tips on how to study for irish, i am nearly bricking myself thinking about it! Any tips will be greatly taken!!

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      Léamhthuiscints, you can pretty much write word for word from the léamhthuiscint but if you can, it's best to change some words around.

      Cluasthuiscints, be familiar with the different dialects and practice with past exam papers

      Grammar question, know the rules for aimsir chaite, láithreacht, fháisíneach and modh coinníollach. Learn the irregular verbs as well. Also practice Roinn B of this question

      Ceapadóireacht, again practice for this. Try to practice the same story but change it a little bit for each story title. e.g "You slipped and broke your foot" Write about you slipping and breaking your foot. "You got a part-time job" Write about you getting the job and slipping and breaking your foot while working

      Be familiar with your studied prós and filíocht

      For the unseen prós/filíocht, you only need to answer 3/6 of the questions (1 from A, 1 from B and 1 from A or B). Read all 6 questions before choosing. A is usually easier so pick 2 questions for A if you understand them

      For the letter, learn the layout and use the same address so it will stay in your mind. Also, learn your intro agus outro off by heart and make sure to include all points asked in the exam

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      Thanks so much!

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      outro is not a word ....

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