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    Irish Pros J.C Meganx

    Does anyone know how much irish stories i should know approx? Or which ones are the best? Thanks a lot.

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      4 at least that's what my teacher said and my favourite is calua by Sean mac mathuna

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      Thank you! ya that ones good!

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      We only did 2 storieS "an tadh" and "an bhfaca tu einne agaibh roy keane"

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      Oh really? Ok thanks!

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      did 3 only learning one :)

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      ive calua, an gadai and splanctha, calua is the best by far ahaha

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      can you choose any story in the world to do or is there a list of stories you have to pick from

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      You only need to know 1. Four would be very unnecessary. 2 would definitely be safe

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      11ND - CCM

      We went through 4 in class and were given the freedom to choose what we wanted to learn. I learned an tadh and an gadai. Same way for poetry

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      According to my Irish teacher, you want two that will encompass most possible themes together; some people only learned one last year and it didn't work out so well when the wrong themes came up. Having said that, you can work most themes into most stories (however tenuously); I'm doing Spás and an t-ádh, fairly sure you'll be safe with two.

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      we did.. an t-ádh, calua, spás, na gadaí so.... 4 stories

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      we only did 2, an t-adh and gadai but there will always be atleast one theme you can pick from them on the paper (trua, bron, gra, etc)

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      only 2 an cuairt and an gadaí... im fairly nervous about these 2 though because they have a lot of the same themes but theyre the only ones that our teacher did with us

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      only did one an tadh it covers almost all the themes so i feel confident that if you know that you will be fine for the exam

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      we done 'an tadh' and 'estacy'

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      pick the ones you think you can change around into every theme

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      we did an tadh for the studied and we learnt 2 for the essy/story but im only remembering one for the mocks

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      we did An T-Adh, An Gadai and Billie Holiday,

      both An T-Adh and Billie Holiday have the same themes of sadness, B.H is cruel she has a hard life, where An T-Adh is a tragic story.

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      I only did An tÁdh!

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