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    Irish Sceal Smaug


    Does anyone have a good Irish Essay or Story for the J.C. ? I'd be much obliged if anyone would share theirs. My Irish teacher is ill-tempered and doesn't like me so I'm not very well prepared.

    Thanks in advance :-)

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      Salutations indeed Smaug! People seem to like Might give you some good ideas.

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      What you should do is come up with a base story and use that for everything, slightly twisting it to suit your title :) that's what my teacher said and it works quite well

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      can never go wrong with a car crash... 'Go tobann'

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      Thank you kind people! I am forever in your debt. If ye need help with Maths, English or Science don't hesitate to ask (they're my fortes).

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      Smaug, my teacher always says that u should use a lot of good pharases in your essays and stories. And also check out

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