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    Phrases for irish essay kiernan.beth

    Does anyone have any really good phrases that they use for irish essays?

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      1. Ni raibh duine na deorai le feiceail -There wasn't a person in sight 2. Gan coinne - without warning 3. Go tobann - Suddenly 4. I bpreabadh na sul - in the blink of an eye 5. Go gairid ina dhiaidh sin - Shortly after 6. Dhuisigh me gheit - I got a fright 7. Baineadh geit ufasach asam - I got an awful fright 8. Scread me in ard mo chinn is mo ghutha - I screamed with all my might 9. Ni raibh giog na miog as aon duine - There wasn't a sound out of any body 10. Bhi me ar bis - I was very excited

      That's all I can think of for now :) hope it helped though x (You'll have to add in the fadas)

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      Go raibh maith agat

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      Melina Heim

      Tá sé dochreidte! (It is unbelievable!)

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