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    Camping (Irish) embaela

    Any good Irish camping vocab for letter/post card writing

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      mc donagh123


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      mc donagh123

      noveb .ie is a cheat for irish it lets you see what the test looks like then you paste it out print it then google translate and then write the story put it up your sleave then pull it down and switch it you will get 100 percent every time

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      Ag campáil - Camping

      Áit champála - Camping place

      Ollphuball - Tent

      Gasóg - Scout

      Allta - Wild (as in animals)

      Carbhán - Caravan

      Ag fanacht - Staying

      Eachtra - Adventure

      Foraois - Forest

      Tine champa - Campfire

      Compás - Compass

      Bia - Food

      Sléibhte - Mountains

      Dúlra - Nature

      Coill - Woods

      Adhmad - Wood

      Ag canadh - Singing

      Léarscáil - Map

      Turas - Journey

      Réaltaí - Stars

      Is this good enough for you?

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      Thank you SryanBruen, it means alot

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