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    Can I be exempt from Irish? Anna_7439

    I moved to Ireland when i was 8 and didn't know English at all. From 2nd class to 5th class the teachers said i didn't have to learn Irish and i just had to focus on learning English. Then in 5th class i had a really bad teacher who started telling me i have to learn Irish. I was really really bad at Irish but it was primary school so i just went with it. I'm now in 3rd year and i find Irish extremely difficult. I somehow ended up in higher Irish but that was purely out of luck. I'm doing my Junior Cert in a couple of months and i don't even know how to say i am hungry in irish. I listen in class and do all my homework but nothing makes sense to me. I was wondering since i was born in another country and didn't start learning irish until 5th class would i be allowed to be exempt from it?? I really don't understand anything at all

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      I came at the age of 8 as well but I was forced to do Irish in secondary school first,second year higher level but now I'm in third year and exempt

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      I know a guy who was in Ireland form age of one and he got an exemption .... His parents basically said that he shouldn't have to do Irish because he already spoke two languages...... English and his home country language of Urdu from Pakistan..... He didn't have to do Irish JCERT or LCERT ...... It was a good thing because he was able to concentrate on other subjects and he got 625 points.... So if u have another language other than English then u should try it

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      I also knew someone who moved to Ireland around age of eight or nine.... He did Irish in primary but in secondary he got exemption...

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      How would i apply for an exemption?? Do I have to email someone or talk to my principal? I feel like if I was to talk to my principal he wouldn't let me do it

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